Why do we use charcoal?

Over the years we have had many people ask us, “Hey Clambake Charlies, why do you use charcoal for Lobsterbakes?”  The answer, because it’s better!!  No seriously, it is better all around.

Ease of Use:  Have you ever fired up your gas grill on a windy day?  It is almost impossible to keep the flame going when it is exposed to the elements.  Not so with charcoal.  On a windy day the charcoal will actually burn HOTTER, because the added wind is fueling fire’s need for oxygen.  Rain is no different.  Rain will easily put out a gas flame but is no match for 80lbs of Charcoal.  Since we work everywhere from Islands to Airport Runways to Campgrounds to Estates to Backyards, we simply need the most reliable source of cooking

Taste:  I venture to say that no person has ever said they prefer the taste of propane to charcoal.  It simply doesn’t happen.  There is nothing like throwing a Steak on Charcoal.  Or a Hamburger.  Or Steak Tips.  Or Chicken.  OK, you get the idea.  The woody smokiness of the Charcoal imparts flavor that propane cannot.

Lobster:  But don’t we cook a lot of Lobster?  Isn’t Lobster boiled and taste the same no matter where it is cooked?  Actually, no.  We STEAM our Lobster in braising pans.  This keeps more of the Lobster flavor.  Also since the braising pans are on the Charcoal, the smoke from the fire imparts more flavor to the Lobster that you normally wouldn’t have.  In essence it is like cooking them in a pit, but without digging up your whole yard.

So there you have it.  If you want the food to taste GREAT for your Wedding, Birthday Party, Corporate Event, or Backyard Party, trust us with the charcoal

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