When do you Stop Doing Events for the Season?

As our Clambake Season winds down we get people calling us and saying, “Geez, I wish I had done a BBQ this year” or “Too bad it’s too late for a Cookout”.  Well I am here to tell you, That’s Nonsense.  It isn’t too late at all!

Truth of the Matter is that we just did 8 parties in the first 5 days of October.  October!!!  Below is a picture from October 2nd


For this event it was COLD, RAINY, and WINDY when we arrived.  Actually it was the outskirts of a Hurricane.  But we persevered, set up our cooking station outside, and got everything done.  The food was served inside where the guests were insulated from the weather.

The Results: Fresh Cooked food beats delivery any day!

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