List of Salads


(Mesculin Lettuce with Dried Cranberries, Goat Cheese, and Walnuts)

Endive, Poached Pear, and Pecans

(Poached Pears cupped in Endive Lettuce, Sprinkled with Pecans)

Garden Salad

(Lettuce with Shredded Carrot, Cucumbers, and Tomatoes)

Caesar Salad

(Romaine Lettuce, Croutons, and Parmesan Cheese)

Santa Fe Salad

(Lettuce, Tomato, Black Beans, Salsa, Colby Cheese, and Corn)

Baby Spinach, Bacon, and Caramelized Onion *

(Baby Spinach Salad Topped with Bacon and Caramelized Onions)

Mesculin Caesar Salad

(Field Green Salad with Herbed Croutons and Grated Parmesan)

Caribbean Salad

(Mandarin Oranges, Coconut, Bleu Cheese)

Creole Tomato Salad

(Spiced Tomatoes and Red Onion)

Mesculin Salad with Poached Cinnamon Apples, and Crumbled Blue Cheese

Baby Spinach, Mandarin Orange, and Pecan *

Mixed Greens with Mandarin Oranges, Almonds and Goat Cheese

Caprese Salad

(Romaine Lettuce with Tomato, Basil, and Fresh Mozzarella)

Greek Salad

(Lettuce, Feta Cheese, Red Pepper, Tomatoes, and Kalamata Olives)

Cobb Salad

(Lettuce, Tomato, Egg, Bacon, Bleu Cheese)

Waldorf Salad

(Romaine Lettuce with Apples, Walnuts, and Gorgonzola Cheese)

Field Greens Topped

(With Cucumber and Tomatoes)

Wasabi Salad

(Baby Spinach, Wasabi Peas, Dried Cranberries, and Pecans)

Herb Tossed Asparagus and Grilled Radicchio Salad *

(Herbed Asparagus over a bed of Grilled Radicchio)

Haricot Verts et Horseradish Salad

(Cold Green Bean Salad with Horseradish Sauce)

Hawaiian Plantation Salad

(Lettuce, Pineapple, Coconut, and Bleu Cheese)

Apple Gouda Salad

(Mixed Greens, with Cinnamon Apples, and Gouda)

Strawberry Salad (Seasonal) *

(Lettuce with Strawberries, Blue Cheese and Crunchy Noodles)

Taco Salad

(Lettuce, Colby Cheese, Red Onions, Salsa, Sour Cream, and Taco Chips)

* Available at Additional Cost

List of Pasta Salads

Papaya, Vermicelli, and Ginger Lime Dressing

(Vermicelli Pasta with Chopped Papaya, in a Ginger Lime Dressing)

Greek Pasta

(Farfalle, Greek Dressing, Olives, Feta, and Red Peppers)

Balsamic Prima Vera

(Mixed Vegetables with Balsamic Dressing and Pasta

Tricolor Tortellini Salad

(Tortellini, Pesto, Red Pepper, and Scallion)

Asian Sesame Pasta

(Soba Noodles, Sesame Dressing, Red Pepper, and Scallion)

Linguine with Tomato and Basil

Penne Pasta with Smoked Gouda and Sautćed Prima Vera Vegetables

Tortellini Pesto Salad with Black Olives, Red and Yellow Peppers and Broccoli

Farfalle with Vegetable Confetti

(Farfalle, Poppyseed Dressing, Red Pepper, and Confetti-cut Vegetables)

Tahitian Tropics Pasta

(Pasta with Mandarin Oranges, Coconut, and Poppyseed Dressing)

Mediterranean Style Fusilli with Citrus Vinaigrette

(Fusilli, Greek Olives, and Red Peppers in a Citrus Vinaigrette)

Broccoli Penne Salad with Mustard Vinaigrette

(Penne Pasta with Broccoli in a Mustard Vinaigrette)

Chilled Pasta Nicoise

(Farfalle, Black Olives, and Basil in a Mayonnaise Vinaigrette)

Summer Sunshine Pasta

(Cavatappi and Mixed Vegetables in a Honey Mustard Dressing)

Additional Side Dish Choices

Coconut Jasmine Rice,
Spanish Rice,
Traditional Fruit Salad,
Mashed Potatoes,
Chipotle Mac Cheese,
Black Beans and Rice,
Cole Slaw with Golden Raisins,
Homemade Potato Salad,
Barbecue Baked Beans,
Cinnamon Raisin Apples,
Spicy Black Beans,
Cucumber Salad,
Rio Rice,
Corn on the Cob,
Potato Chips,