How Many Vendors Should I Use???

Frequently we work with clients who have multi-faceted parties, mostly weddings and elaborate corporate events.  And the question arises for the clients, “How many different vendors should I use?”  The answer is both simple and difficult.  In our experience you want to use a few Quality vendors as possible.

The more vendors you work with, the more headaches you will have as a client.  Unless you have a full time Coordinator, working with a large number of vendors will require more work than it is worth.  You may end up saving some money (or not), but the overall product and work won’t justify the savings.  The answer is to find vendors who you trust, and who can handle multiple aspects of the event.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying for your caterer to be your DJ, and for your Videographer to cover the bar.  What I am saying is to find a company you trust that can handle your Videography and your Photography, your Flowers and Table Decorations, and a Caterer who you trust to handle all the Food, Bar, and Rentals.  That way you won’t have different vendors jockeying for your time and space at your event.  Each vendor will be professional, know what they have to do, and take care of their job skillfully.  This means less phone calls tracking people down, less worrying if it will all come together, and more time enjoying the event.

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