Can you cater MY party?

It is all well and good that Clambake Charlies can cater lots of different parties.  But the only one that really matters is YOURS.  Clients don’t care that we can handle 2,000 person Lobsterbakes if they have a 20 person Barbecue.  And they don’t care that we can do Black Tie Weddings if they have a Corporate Clambake.  Really, what matters is that we know how to handle YOUR party.


Corporate Parties – Corporate events are very different than private events.  For one thing, they are generally much larger.  100 guests is a small corporate party, but would make for a large Birthday party.  Also corporate events are normally packed into a tight time period.  Lots of times the employees have a set lunch period so they have to grab everything they want the first time through the line and eat it before they have to go in.  For these parties we need to make sure that we have everything set to go at the exact meal time.  And that we can get people through the buffet as quickly as possible so they have time to eat and come back for seconds.

Colleges and Universities – Higher Education will throw yearly events for their Students and Grads.  A small College party may be 600 guests and large ones go into the THOUSANDS.  Schools generally have set budgets, large guest counts, and want to maximize the appearance.  For these parties we need to be prepared to serve very large numbers of guest quickly and efficiently, but also be creative with maximizing appearance for the dollar.

Birthdays, Graduations, and Anniversaries – These are the quintessential backyard parties.  They are normally around 30-150 guests and have very open ending serving times.  Instead of a short lunch break, guests are encouraged to come whenever and stay however long they like.  Due to the nature of these parties, we have to cook the food accordingly and be very flexible as guests arrive.  Also we keep in mind that some folks might be arriving after the preset serving time, so we have to be prepared to pack up the extra food in a safe manner.

Rehearsal Dinners – Rehearsal Dinners are a cross between a backyard party and a wedding.  It is a joyous time so the guests all want to chat and have a good time.  The key here is being prepared to serve the guest efficiently, but without rushing them.  You also have to be very careful with where you set up the buffet.  Typically after the meal there are speeches.  We have done parties with a couple hours worth of speeches.  Once the alcohol starts flowing, the stories come out.  So our staff has to be ready to break down the event in a QUIET manner that will not interrupt what is going on.  The last thing we want is the caterer to be the center of attention.

Weddings – Weddings are perhaps the hardest parties of them all.  This is a Once in a Lifetime event and expectations are rightfully quite high.  What’s more, they almost never go on schedule.  Most of the time the ceremony runs long, or pictures take longer than expected, or speeches run long, or… you get the idea.  As the caterer we are always adjusting our own schedule to make sure that we are ready for anything, and that the food is as fresh as possible.  Instead of prepping everything for a mass line of 2,000 guests, we have to have our own internal clocks going to see when people will actually be ready to eat.  Definitely a lot more effort, but totally worth it in the end.


So hopefully this gives you some insight into our job.  With over 40 years of experience we have seen and done it all.  And we pride ourselves on being ready for anything.  But mainly to have the staff for YOUR party tailored to what YOU need.

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